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FROSTival Hot Tent Hike A Success!

FROSTival Hot Tent Hike A Success!

Another successful FROSTival event in the books for the team at BackTrails!




 Wow, what an incredible day we had! On the glorious Sunday   morning of February 4th, the BackTrails team, alongside 20   participants, embarked on an unforgettable sunny snowshoeing   adventure at the beautiful MVP trails, meticulously maintained by   the fabulous folks at River Valley Cycling in Marysville.














As we trekked through the snowy trails, anticipation built until we reached a magical clearing atop a hill. Here, we had set up the marvel of winter camping – our Esker Classic 2 12x12 Hot Tent. Imagine stepping into a cozy haven in the middle of the snow, where warmth envelops you as the scent of homemade chili welcomes you. The Esker Classic hot tent, a masterpiece of design, utilizes a wood stove that not only keeps the interior delightfully warm but also allows for cooking. The tent's sturdy canvas stands up against the winter chill, creating a perfect oasis for adventurers looking to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. Inside, the pot of homemade chili bubbled away on the stove, infusing the tent with heartwarming aromas, ensuring everyone was toasty and spirits were high.












With bellies full and hearts lighter, our adventure continued. The day's joy escalated as we descended to the firepit, where the dynamic duo, Glen & Andrew, had been masterfully fire-baking heavenly cinnamon buns in their reflector ovens. The warmth of the fire, the irresistible taste of the cinnamon buns, and the laughter shared amongst friends made for a perfect end to this splendid adventure.

And for those who sought an extra dash of thrill, tobogganing down the hill provided heaps of laughter and fun, a perfect cherry on top of an already fabulous day.


In reflection, the day was nothing short of spectacular, and it’s all thanks to the amazing community spirit of Lee & Cindy, Glen, Andrew, and the River Valley Cycling team. Their dedication to creating memorable experiences on the trails truly made this FROSTival event a standout success.

We're already buzzing with excitement for our next adventure and can't wait to share it with you. If you've ever dreamed of experiencing the magic of the outdoors in winter, let this be your call to adventure. Join us next time and be part of the unforgettable memories we’re creating at BackTrails!



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